XTend 900 1W RPSMA 40 Miles Range XTEND XBEE Wireless Telemetry Module

 XTend 900 1W RPSMA 40 Miles Range XTEND XBEE Wireless Telemetry Module factory  XTend 900 1W RPSMA 40 Miles Range XTEND XBEE Wireless Telemetry Module factory  XTend 900 1W RPSMA 40 Miles Range XTEND XBEE Wireless Telemetry Module factory

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Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: LXXTECH
Model Number: LXX-0403

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XTend 900 1W RPSMA 40 Miles Range XTEND XBEE Wireless Telemetry Module


–  The XTend Modem packs a ton of RF punch into a small, low-power, easy-to-use, and reliable module. Outdoors, with line-of-sight, this module can communicate at up to 40 miles; indoors it can still do up to 3000ft. The module transfers a standard asynchronous serial data stream, operates within the ISM 900MHz frequency band and sustains up to 115.2kbps data throughput. The module comes with an attached RPSMA antenna connector.
– The XTend module utilizes FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) agility to avoid interference by hopping to a new frequency on every packet transmission or re-transmission. Its transmit power is software adjustable from 1mW to 1W—the maximum output power allowable by governments that use 900MHz as a license-free band. The XTend module is approved for use in the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries (contact Digi for a complete listing).
– No configuration is necessary for out-of-the-box RF communication. The XTend module’s default configuration supports a wide range of data system applications. Advanced configurations can be implemented using simple AT or binary commands.


– Supply voltage: 2.8 – 5.5VDC regulated
– Frequency band: 902 – 928MHz
– Serial data interface: 3V – 5V CMOS UART – No configuration required
– Transmit current: 730 mA (@ 5V, 1W TX Power Output)
– Receive current: 80 mA (@ 5V, 1W TX Power Output)
– Indoor/Urban range (w/ 2.1 dB dipole antenna): Up to 3000 feet (900 m)
– Outdoor RF line-of-sight range (w/high gain antenna): Up to 40 miles (64 km)
– Transmit power output (software selectable): 1mW – 1W (0 – 30 dBm)
– Throughput data rate (software selectable): 9,600 or 115,200 bps
– RPSMA antenna connection

 جهت راهنمایی با شماره ۰۹۱۲۰۸۵۵۵۳۰ تماس بگیرید.

XTAB – XTend to XStream adapter board

Here are some photos of the two XTend Adapter Boards-with and without Accessories-(p/n: XTAB and XTAB-A). The XTABs create an XStream footprint for the XTend OEM module. Following are some explanations of the part numbers.

Note: Digi no longer sells these adapter boards.

۱ – XTAB installed on XIB-R with JM2R6-CR3-7I antenna cable

۲ – Top of XTAB (back) and XTAB-A (front)

۳ – Bottom of XTAB (left) and XTAB-A (right)

۴ – XTAB-A installed on XIB-R

۵ – Expanded view of XTAB-A installed on XIB-R
  • The XTAB has no RF connector. This board is generally used when the XTend XT09-MI module will be used with an antenna or RF cable with an MMCX RF connector.
    If an RPSMA connector is required we offer a 7″ MMCX to RPSMA-female RF cable (p/n: JM2R6-CR3-7I). The MMCX connector can be plugged into the XTend module, and the bulk-head RPSMA-female connector (just like on the XStream OEM module) can mount at any location on the enclosure.
  • The XTAB-A comes with an RPSMA-female RF connector in the same place as on the XStream OEM module, plus an MMCX to MMCX RF connector cable to connect the XT09-MI to the XTAB-A. This can be used to make an XT09-MI module look just like an XStream OEM module (plus an additional < 0.100″ height), complete with RPSMA-female antenna connector in the same place.

Warning: The above photographs show the XTend module plugging into the XStream Interface Board (XIB-R). This is only functional if the transmit power of the XTend module is turned down to 100mW (ATPL=2). The XIB-R’s voltage regulator is limited to only 250mA source current, so it cannot support the XTend module at higher transmit power levels.

Note: Usage of XTAB and XTAB-A boards should not be considered a permanent solution. We are unsure how long they will be offered. Use them as a temporary solution while redesigning a PCB, prototyping with XTend modems, or testing.

Please do not hesitate to contact Technical Services with any questions you may have on these products.