digi xbee pro 9xtend

Digi XTend® ۹۰۰ MHz ۱ Watt Long-Range OEM RF modules ISM 900 MHz operating frequency ۱۰۰ mW – 1 Watt power output (up to 40 mile range*) ۲۵۶-bit AES Encryption Available with DigiMesh® Available in smaller, lower power XBee Surface Mount form-factor

XTAB – XTend to XStream adapter board

Here are some photos of the two XTend Adapter Boards-with and without Accessories-(p/n: XTAB and XTAB-A). The XTABs create an XStream footprint for the XTend OEM module. Following are some explanations of the part numbers. Note: Digi no longer sells these adapter boards. ۱ – XTAB installed on XIB-R with JM2R6-CR3-7I antenna cable ۲ – Top of XTAB (back) and XTAB-A[…]